PowerMundo and I-DEV International selected by the “Peru Prosperity Fund” to bring solar energy to Iquitos.

Belén district in Iquitos is facing serious challenges of under development and economic isolation. Apart from the annual chronic flooding, 75% of the population lacks access to potable water and electricity, and it is estimated that 38% live in extreme poverty. Despite government efforts to install solar panels, it is estimated that 7.500-10.000 people lack access to electricity in Belén.

Therefore, I-DEV International and PowerMundo have created an alliance to implement a pilot project in the Belén area, for which they have obtained funding of £ 98.200 (S /. 430.000 soles) from the “Peru Prosperity Fund” of the United Kingdom.

The aim of the pilot is to develop a distribution network of innovative energy products, aimed at households that are at the base of the pyramid in remote communities, creating employment opportunities for its residents and strengthening the business community to generate higher income. These products feature innovative technology that allows the financing of products through pre-paid credits, so that their cost is no longer another obstacle for these families.


The official launch of “Peru Prosperity Fund” was held at the home of Ambassador of the United Kingdom, where PowerMundo and I-DEV demonstrated the new British products that will be implemented in this project in the region of Loreto.

History and Allies

PowerMundo is a social enterprise that improves access to clean solar energy technologies to support families of the base of the pyramid to improve their livelihoods, welfare and the environment.

PowerMundo has partnered with I-DEV Internacional, global leading consultant in business strategy and investment advice specializing in emerging markets, to execute a pilot solar energy project financed by the Peru Prosperity Fund. This is a fund that comes from the British Embassy in Lima and seeks to promote economic reform and development necessary for growth in partner countries.